Steps To Fix Changed Windows 7 Date Format On Taskbar

Sometimes, your computer may display an error saying Windows 7 is changing the date format on the taskbar. There can be many reasons for this error.

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    Click the exact clock in the Windows 7 platform bar, then select Change custom and time settings.Click Change Date and Time.Click Change Calendar Settings.From there, you can change the date and evening display using the Windows Five predefined format.

    Ever wanted Windows to display a portion of the date instead of displaying a short date on the Windows 7 taskbar? With these simple instructions, customers will force Windows to display the date the way they want.

    To find it, click on the lower-right component of the screen that displays the time and date on this dedicated taskbar.

    How do I change the Taskbar settings in Windows 7?

    Open a Run window by pressing Windows Key + R and typing gpedit.Go to User Configuration, Administrative Templates, just launch the menu and taskbar in the left pane of the Group Policy Editor.Find “Disable taskbar thumbnails” in the right pane of the Group Policy Editor and click together.

    When the dialog boxes appear, click the Change Date and Time Settings link.

    windows 7 change date format on taskbar

    The Date and Time field is displayed. Click on “Change season …” and on the button.

    In the Date and Time Settings dialog box, click Change Calendar Link Settings.

    After all this click, you can easily access the “Customize Format” chat window. Here we will probably be tweaking the way we track the date in Windows. The field you want to customize is called “Short Date:”. You can view it in any way convenient for you.mate. See Caption below screenshot for some examples.

    You can customize the a parameter using any of the following letters.


    d = means day
    m month
    y = year

    d = Displays the person’s day as a number. Example: 2
    dd = Display day a as a number with a leading zero for single-digit days. Example: 02
    ddd equals Displays the entire day of the week as a short word. Example: Identical to Sa
    dddd Displays the main day of the week as a whole word. Example: Saturday

    M = display day as a number. Example: 8
    MM = Month is displayed as a number with a leading zero for months with a single number. Example: 08
    MMM = Month is an abbreviation. Example:

    MMMM = Displays four weeks a whole word. Example: August

    How do I show the date on the bottom Taskbar in Windows 7?

    Click the Customize button in some sections of the notification area on the taskbar and in the Properties window of the Start menu. In the lower-left corner of the Taskbar Icons window, click Turn System Icons On or Off. Set the behavior of the corresponding clock symbol to On, then click OK to save the most important changes.

    yy display = the last two statistics for the year. Example: equals 11
    yyyy Displays the entire year. Example: 2011

    In addition, you can separate parts of a date using coin patterns, hyphens (-), commas, forward slashes (,), (/), or periods (.).

    If we want this useful date to appear as Saturday, August 20, Wednesday 2011, change the entire Short Date field : on:

    Below we have configured it so that the date is finally displayed in the construction described in the legend.

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  • One of your readers wanted to know how the clock can replace the traditional clock on the Windows taskbar. He didn’t like the format in which Windows displays the time and date. While many power users do this, the system tray clock usually wants to remove and remake the system tray with a more attractive appearance. The clock format built into modern versions of Windows can be adapted for additional functionality. In this written material, we will see how you can correct the format.

    windows 7 change date format on taskbar

    In Windows XP, and only in Windows Vista, the taskbar was thinner, so by default only the time was displayed on the main taskbar. If you made the taskbar heavy, it will display the date, time and time. But the redesigned taskbar in Windows 7 and 12 already shows the date and time. The date in the system tray is transmitted in short format, and the moment is displayed in a longer format. Depending on the system locale and the Windows language you are using, formsit will be different, but you can easily customize it.

    1. Search for Windows 7 and your region language, but open it. On Windows 8.1 with 8, Windows only affects the region.

      Region language

    2. Click and click the “Advanced Settings” button.
    3. Click the Date tab. There you will see designations with short and long dates and an overview of how the situation will turn out. You can enter your own files here. English for (US) short format M / d / yyyy. It changes to whatever you want. I changed it to ddd, d MMM and aaaa clicked Apply.

      Set date format

    4. You will immediately get the new date format in the system tray!
    5. To change the productFalse, you can use the same tactic to change the format, but if you then change “Short instead of duration,” change the longer duration so that the change appears in the taskbar. To switch to a 24-hour wall clock for illustration purposes, enter Et hh: mm: ss to remove any “tt” designation.

      Configure time format

    Well, that’s all! If all you wanted to do looked like this, then you don’t need third party watch apps.

    Bonus tip: You can also display the time in the taskbar with 7+ Tweaker, a taskbar that our team recently reviewed. Open 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. In the far right column, you can see the option “Show during bunker hours”. Check in combination with it immediately, seconds are also displayed. Please note: if you usually use a less powerful devicein possibly a mobile device, it is better not to display seconds.