FIX: Ntldr Is Loaded From Disk Partition 0x80

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    Over the past few days, a number of users have reported that they are loading ntldr from disk partition 0x80.

    There are a number of possible causes for NTLDR errors, including the common “NTLDR is missing” problem.

    The most common reason is that your computer is actually trying to boot from a hard drive or flash drive that experts say is not configured correctly for ejecting. In other words, it is about downloading from a non-downloadable location. This also applies to TV and radio stations with an optical drive or weak drive from which you are trying to stay away.

    Other possible causes are incorrectly configured and processed files, hard drives, as well as problems with updating the operating system , bad sectors of the hard drive , outdated, scratched BIOS or disconnect the IDE cables .

    NTLDR Error

    The error can appear in several ways, primarily one of the most common:

    • NTLDR is almost certainly missing.
    • Press any key
    • to restart

    • NTLDR must be missing
    • Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart
    • Downloads а: NTLDR not found
    • Insert another floppy disk.

    The error warning very briefly indicates that the computer in question is being started for the first time immediately after completing the Power On Self Test (POST) when Windows XP has just started booting.

    How To Fix “NTLDR Missing” Error

    1. will boot ntldr from drive 0x80 partition

      Restart your computer . The error could have been a real coincidence.

    2. Check your optical discs (CD / DVD / BD) and unplug all types of external drives . Often, the “NTLDR was missing” error appears when the computer tries to boot from a non-bootable floppy disk, CD / DVD / BD, USB external hard drive, flash drive, or reader.

      If you find that this is the source of your problem and there is a lot planned, you should consider changing the BIOS boot order so that the hard drive where Windows is installed is listed first. …

    3. Check your own hard drive motivation and other settings in BIOS and make sure they are restored. The BIOS setup tells the computer how to use the drive is terribly uncomfortable Correct settings can cause problems, including these errors.

      Usually the BIOS has an automatic fix for the hard disk and visual disk configuration, which was usually a win-win if you were unsure of what to do.

    4. Recover NTLDR and ntdetect.Files com from Windows XP CD . Recovering these four important system files from a single Windows XP CD can help.

    5. Repair or replace boot.ini . This prevents the NTLDR error if the boot.ini file is causing the problem and is not actually configured correctly for your Windows XP installation.

    6. Write a new bootable partition category in Windows XP Arrangement Partition . If the boot sector of the partition is damaged or created incorrectly, you may receive an error message.

    7. Repair the Windows XP Master Boot Record . NTLDR error messages can also appear if the Master Boot Record is corrupted.

    8. Reconnect all internal and data power supply cables . The error message maybe caused by loose or faulty IDE cables.

      Try replacing the end of the cable if customers think it is defective.

    9. will boot ntldr from drive 0x80 partition

      Update the BIOS on your favorite motherboard . Sometimes an outdated BIOS version can cause an error.

    10. Perform a fresh repair installation of Windows XP . This type of installation should replace any missing or damaged files. However, if troubleshooting doesn’t fix most of the problems, then proceed.

    11. Perform a clean install of Windows XP . This type of installation will seriously remove Windows XP from your development and reinstall it.

      While this will almost certainly fix NTLDR errors, it is a laborious process as all of your data must be backed up and restored later. If someone cannot access your archives to back them up, keep in mind that if you reinstall Windows XP components, you will lose them all.

    12. Replace the hard drive , then put Windows XP down. If all else fails, including cleaning the installation from the last step, chances are good that you areWe ran into a hardware hard disk problem.

    Do You Need More Help?

    If you don’t want to fix this problem yourself and don’t want to solve this problem yourself, see How do I get my computer repaired? for a complete list of support options, such as bonus help for everything on the go, calculating repair costs, deleting your favorite files, choosing products to repair, and more.

    If you do find that this is your factor and the problem is significantly reduced, you should consider changing the boot order in the BIOS so that the hard drive with Windows installed is now first in the list.

    Typically, the BIOS provides automatic configuration of the hard drive and optical drive, which is usually a safe option if you are unsure of what to do.

    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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  • While this will fix almost all NTLDR errors, it is practically a laborious process as it is important to back up all of your data and then restore it for later recovery. Ifyou cannot access your files – in order to back them up, you must understand that if you make a new major installation of Windows XP, you will lose it.

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