Various Ways To Fix Toca Race Driver Errors When Reading Installation Settings

If you see Toca Race Driver error while reading setup error on your computer, you need to take a look at these recovery methods.

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    There are two ways to select a game. If you have another computer or virtual machine where this game will be installed, simply install the contents of the game installation folder on your current computer (where it will not be installed). If you do, you can take this route and skip step 4 below.

    If you don’t follow the steps above, it’s time to complete the manual installation! If it takes a little time, but it’s really easy, just follow these steps:

    1. Create a folder on your hard drive to install the game. In this example I am using c: games tocard1

    2. Create the appropriate folders and subfolders in the c: games tocard1 folder (note the five subfolders in the Sound folder). We return these files for one minute:

    3. It’s time to fill the aforementioned files with the inner side. This requires deleting multiple CAB files from the DISC 2 CD-ROM (Data CD). You can use Windows to open these .cab files, but it’s actually quite slow, so I recommend 7zip, which is simple and free (http: // To actually unpack into each folder, do the following (please do it carefully to avoid mistakes!):

    First of all, you often place the following files from CDs in the Programs Codemasters Race Driver folder in the root tocard1 folder:

    Alternatively, you can place the readme.txt file in your preferred language from the eng / fre / ger / ita / spa subfolder directly on the CD.

    Then create other folders. It seems painless, but some have multiple songs from different locations, and some need to be renamed (especially the “dll” folders with “frontend” folders), so follow this method carefully:

    c: games tocard1 GameData <- Extract the contents of this CD's folder here

    c: games tocard1 GameData anim <- put the contents of the CD folder here

    c: games tocard1 GameData cardata. <- Extract the contents of the CD-ROM file here

    c: games tocard1 GameData cars <- unzip the contents of the cars CD. Cab here

    c: games tocard1 GameData dll <- the folder requires 3 .dll files. Two want to unpack the MATHCP ~ files into MATHPI ~ files, and the third is in the Programs Codemasters Race Driver GameData dll "

    c: games tocard1 GameData frontend <- Now extract the information from the folder on the CD. Once you've done that, go to that interface folder and rename the two files as follows:

    c: games tocard1 GameData shaders <- get the contents of the cd folder <- here

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click on "Scan"
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  • c: games tocard1 GameData sky extract the stories from the cd file here

    c: games tocard1 GameData sound Extract <- this is where the contents of our own folder on the CD are located

    c: games tocard1 GameData sound cars <- drag the contents of SOUNDC ~ 1 here

    folder c: games tocard1 GameData sound collamb <- Extract stuff from the SOUNDC ~ CD directory here

    c: games tocard1 GameData sound frontend <- extract the contents of SOUNDF ~ 1 here

    folder c: games tocard1 GameData sound ptspech <- here you can get contents of SOUNDP ~ folder on CD

    c: games tocard1 GameData trakmod0 <- Extract Trakmod0 inside file here

    c: games tocard1 GameData trakmod1 <- Unpack the contents of the CD into the folder here

    c: games tocard1 GameData traktex0 <- delete the contents of the Traktex0 folder <- here

    toca race driver error reading install configuration

    c: games tocard1 GameData traktex1 extract stories from file on cd here

    An important note for Codemasters: The replay method does not include hacking, hacking, and illegal downloads, so don’t consider it lousy! There is no workaround for the Windows Installer / InstallShield error encountered while installing this game!

    If, when purchasing ToCA Race Driver 1, users get a pop-up window that says “Difficult” followed by “Error reading installation configuration” (most often occurs on 64-bit machines, which I hear say), here how to get around this problem. and let the game work! This guide refers to the original version of The Pastime on CD UK 2. If you have a different production (or Race dtm Driver or Pro Race Driver), the guide below might help, but you may be lucky enough to do something a little differently. and I can’t help it. ” Between them, because I only have a UK edition here.

    c: games tocard1 GameData frontend _dfe.ini3dfe.ini
    toca race driver error reading install configuration

    4. The next step will probably be to configure the registration station for the full operation of the game. The lines listed below Registers are commonly used for 64-bit patching systems, so they contain the Wow6432Node some. If you are installing (for some reason on a 32-bit; installer * must *) remove this chapter. You can change the following lines (remember the double slash instead of the single one when specifying the path to all files):

    LANGUAGE = other plans can be tried (eng / fre / ger / ita / spa), but have not been tested, so the game may fail!

    PATH_MAIN and PATH_APPLICATION = replace them with correct path where GameData and game directories are located if you didn’t help the originally mentioned c: games tocard1.

    PATH_CD = Adapt this to your CD-ROM drive if it is not E:

    Other treasures are from the British version of ToCA Race Driver, so change them at your own risk!

    To use these lines, copy them into Notepad, edit if necessary, and save as ToCARD1.reg somewhere. Find this .reg file and double click on it. Please note this in order to set the registry settings.

    “NO_DRIVE” = “Insert the disc titled ToCA Driver Ethnic background Game Disc (Disc 1) into your CD-ROM drive в. “

    “NO_DISC” = “Insert a disc classified as a ToCA racing driver game disc (disc 1) into your CD-ROM drive.”

    “WRONG_DISC” = “Insert the main disc titled ToCA Race Driver Game Disc (Disc 1) into the appropriate CD-ROM drive.”

    5. Before starting the game, you need to take a few more steps. Install EAX Smart Extensions first to have ambient noise (if you are using a memory card that supports For eax, such as the latest SoundBlaster with Creative ALchemy software included). Take this opportunity to create a CD, navigate to the EAX folder, then double-click the Setup.exe file – in particular, Find i 64 bit works fine.

    6. If you are using Creative ALchemy, use this task to configure the path to the game installation folder so that EAX can be enabled in the game.

    7. Now it’s time for the new official patch 1.1_120. You can get it from your current Patches Scrolls site. Download it and double click on it to install. Please note that all fixes are usually successfully deployed updates.

    8. Rego to the c: games tocard1 folder, double click HardwareSetup.exe and configure the hardware. Note. In addition to the patch applied, the maximum reboot speed available under -> “Advanced Graphics Settings …” may not be the best quality your monitor can handle. After applying the settings you used, click Save and Exit, then open the pchardwareconfig.ini file and change the actual FullScreenRefresh = to the maximum refresh rate you want to use (on my favorite monitor it would be enough to he chose 120Hz in the settings, otherwise i changed 144hz to a .ini file that my sensor can accommodate). Note. Regarding the resolution, you can specify widescreen resolutions, but the game will be complex (images are in bold!), So it is better to run it directly at 4: 3 resolution, because the game was created in the support department!

    9. Finally, if customers want a marketplace shortcut to launch the game from a different location on your computer, right-click and drag and drop the file RaceDriver on .exe.

    10. Insert the CD-ROM for reading (DISK 2 can be left in the box). Note: the game can be opened for a short time in a window, if desired, minimized on the taskbar. If so, just click the icon in the taskbar and it will reappear!

    Note: I have not tried the online modes, although it was using GameSpy, which is actually dead!

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