How To Troubleshoot Device Error Message When Querying Ms_updatentmsomidinfo

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    This blog post will help you if the device reported an error when querying ms_updatentmsomidinfo.

    Everyone here has advice on how to fix this problem. In 2003, I deployed 18 more machines and they performed very well with the new Seagate LTO drive. Once they were swapped I linked to the article, but as of today when I try to start Native Backup I get this message

    When running the integrated backup application NTBackup.exe to Windows Server 2003:

    Device reported a good error upon request in MS_UpdateNtmsOmidInfo
    Bug Reported: 5

    the device reported an error on a request to ms_updatentmsomidinfo

    This issue occurs when the Allow the service to interact with the desktop check box is selected. for Remote Procedural Phone Call (RPC) service.

    I’m new and all of a sudden I get an error while backing up to tape:

    Inconsistency found in media about 4mm DDS. No

    1) Disable the “Allow” service to interact with the remote desktop device

    Thanks guys

    If you areWhen trying to generalize a backup, you will see this single error message in the backup report:

    The computer reported an error requesting MS_UpdateNtmsOmidInfo. Error message: 5. Inconsistency was probably found on 4mm DDS media. Don't get attached to this dedicated support


    • This bug has long been documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:;en-us;815028

      This behavior always occurs, the backup operator is not helped to update the label. A

    • A hardware component failure on the motherboards of the VIA Chipset may cause a failure.
    • This behavior occurs if the “Allow Desktop Packages” service is enabled in the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service.
    • Also, if you run into Veritas on BackupExec, could this error be caused? installed –


    • Get the latest service for Windows package 2.000 according to the Microsoft article:;en-us; 815028
    • Usually install the latest drivers and BIOS on your motherboard and chipset, for example – UeQ7 / faq / view / 736
    • See More htm information on how to modify the RPC service
    • Are you sure you want to remove BackupExec? cars.


    The problem “The storage device reported an error while requesting to write a file note to media” typically occurs during a backup job.

    Error Message


    1. Invalid media transfer lock. Bad neutralization is a block (usually sector capacity) that cannot efficiently store data due to a business error or corrupted format markers.

    2. Incorrect SCSI ID settings. For more information on SCSI ID settings, see the Related Documents section.

    4. There is a hardware problem which can be determined by checking the entire Wind system logows for events with IDs 4, 9, 11 or 15


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  • This failure can occur during an emergency job targeting a USB stick or library.

    There are many possible solutions, which differ depending on the cause of the problem. Try the following solutions to resolve the issue:

    Removable Storage Manager (RSM) in Microsoft Windows must be “disabled” or set to “manual” as this can cause performance issues when transferring backup device control from Backup Exec.

    Note. RSM should only be used when using the native Windows backup program ntbackup.

    1. Click Start, select And Settings, then click Control Panel.
    2. Click “Administration”.
    3. Click Services.
    4. Scroll down and right click on “Select Removable Storage”, “Properties”.
    5. Select “Manual” in the properties.

    Note. Reconnecting storage devices will re-enable RSM upon return, including USB devices. Be sure to check regularly See if rsm is disabled.

    Solution 2: Install the latest device drivers. You will most likely find a driver update at:

    Solution 3: Execute the uninstallation for a short time or a short time, depending mainly on the supported option. In some cases, almost all deletions before placing an order may resolve the issue.

    the device reported an error on a request to ms_updatentmsomidinfo

    To erase media: 1. In Backup Console Exec, make your decision on the Devices tab.

    2. Right-click the device at the top (in the case of robot libraries, sort the appropriate place where the media is located) and select “Delete” (Fig. 1).
    A Solution 4: Update the firmware of the linked tape drive. Contact the manufacturer of the equipment assigned to your player to update the firmware.

    Note. If the event has log event IDs such as 9, 11, and 15, see the Microsoft KB article: A

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