How To Troubleshoot Sony Vaio System BIOS

Today’s user manual is written to help you if you receive a Sony Vaio system BIOS error code.

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    With your laptop completely turned off, press and hold the Assist button until the VAIO screen turns off.At VAIOCare | At the Rescue Mode screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Start BIOS Setup [F2] and press Enter.

    Use To-BIOS to change the settings for the maximum number of hardware components.

    The BIOS, in addition to the basic I / O system, allows administrators to customize the garden settings available on the computer. Sony VAIO brands come with many standard BIOS functions that provide hard drive settings, custom boot procedures, and hardware component information. While most VAIO-based notebooks specify the correct BIOS keyboard key, other laptop settings are not as intuitive.

    Turn on Sony VAIO electronic devices completely or restart them to display the initial screen or the original main logo.

    Currently press the “F2” key on your computer keyboard to enter BIOS. Press the button several times to advance the working charging system.

    Change these required BIOS settings. The BIOS display screen usually appears with a blue, red, or gray background and says “BIOS” or “CMOS Utility” en route to the top of the screen.

    Press F10 to save all settings, otherwise pressShu Esc on your keyboard, and then select No Save when prompted.

    What is Boot Key For Sony VAIO?

    Start VAIO and press the F8 key several times. The Windows Start menu may appear.

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    • Changing BIOS settings may cause hardware instability or shutdown. Do not change the hardware configuration until you are familiar with the effects you create.

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