Troubleshooting Tips For Mounting Read-Only Linux Filesystems

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    Over the past few days, some readers have come across a well-known error message while mounting a read-only Linux filesystem. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. We’ll cover them below. Read-only mounts are started with the mmmount command with some -o ro flags. After each read-only mount, some files are accessible enough to be copied to another file system.

    In It linux, you can quickly mount any filesystem by viewing it as read-only right from the terminal. Mounting read-only filesystems on the fly is a great way to prevent tampering and tampering to temporarily increase security.

    Mount Read-only Filesystems

    How do I mount a read-only file system in Linux?

    To make your root filesystem hang read-only, you need to edit the / etc / fstab file and also set the mount option to ro. The noatime parameter is useful when the hard drive is normally mounted read / writesi during the update.

    To start the build process, open a terminal window by pressing Ctrl + Alt T + or simply pressing Ctrl + Shift T + directly on your keyboard. From there, run the lsblk command to view all block devices if your computer is installed.


    When you have a lot of looping devices. (Snap packages) provided in lsblk, run lsblk - 7 instead to view connected rail systems without visibility of loop devices.

    Use the phrase that the lsblk command word displays in the terminal to identify the partition by name that you want to successfully remount as root. In this set, we use / dev / sda1. Yours could be different.

    Note. There are problemsAre you defining all the partition labels for the file-based approach that you want to mount read-only? Check out our guide to finding information about hard drives in Linux.

    After defining the partition usage ticket, the next command will tell you to mount the filesystem read-only.

    Note. Buy the following sample. Please replace “/ dev / sda1” below with our own partition that you plan to mount read-only on Linux.

     sudo mount -3rd thererrrs r / dev / sda1 / location / to / mount / partition / 

    When the above command is enabled, your filesystem is mounted read-only and more than just tampering with files in the filesystem becomes possible. It will be read-only until next restart.

    Remove Read-only Mount

    If you choose to remove the read-only option on the partition that you mounted on reboot, you must use the remount command.

    Note. Remember to change “/ dev / sda1” to

     sudo mount -rw -o remount / dev / sda1 / location / to / mount / partition / 

    If youThe above command was successful, the file system will be mounted in read-only mode for a longer time.

    Permanently Add Read-only File Systems

    Putting a reliable file system in read-only mode from the command line is useful for some tasks, but not sufficient for long-term use. If you want some reporting systems in To Linux to always be read-only, specify this in the human body configuration file (fstab).

    Protect your Fstab

    Before proceeding with the fstab file in this tutorial, you should make a good backup of the file. Each save ensures that the changes described in the can file are quickly undone if something goes wrong during editing.

    To save you see the fstab file, use the cp commands below.

    How do I mount a read-only file system?

    To start the build process, unlock the terminal window by removing the creases with Ctrl + Alt + T, or just Ctrl + Shift + T on your keyboard. From there, run one of our lsblk commands to see all the devices in the lineup on your computer.

     sudo cp / etc / fstab / etc / fstab. in bak 

    Permanently Add Read-only Policy

    To add a read-only method, open the fstab file in the nano text editor. Remember that editing this file must be donei am using sudo or su because it is a system file!

     sudo nano -p / etc / fstab 


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  •  sun -nano -w / etc / fstab 

    In the Nano Fstab file, find the section you want to switch to read-only mode, and then use all the arrow keys to move the cursor there.

    Note. Can’t find the hard disk partition you want to change in the fstab file? Open a second terminal yourself, run lsblk -f with the appropriate UUID that appears next to the account you want to edit, in the same way in all lsblk output with continuous .. œ / etc / fstab.Alt = “” â €

    read only file system linux mount

    read only file system linux mount

    If you find an in fstab file on each of our lines, purchase the read-only option for a specific “ro” filesystem on the mount cable. It should often look like the example code below.

    Which command used to mount file system read-only?

    Mount a specific PCFS file system using the mount command. Indicates that you have the ability to mount the PCFS file engine for read / write or read-only. If you no longer specify this parameter, the default is read / write. Specifies the name of the device generated from the entire hard drive (for example, / dev / dsk / c0t0d0p0).

    Note. Next the code is just an example to understand what editable elements look like. Don’t copy or paste the code into the Nano!

    UUID = 96E4E375E4E35651 / media / data-storage-windows default ntfs, ro 0 2

    Save changes after making this change in Fstab to manually save forever in read-only mode. Saving is done by pressing Ctrl + O on the keyboard. Then close the text editor with Ctrl + X critically.

    Close the terminal window and restart your computer. If you need to reconnect, the partition must be in read-only mode.

    Disable automatic read-only mount

    Do you want to override the read-only mode defined in the fstab file? Here’s what to do. First open a terminal window and move Add it to the root subscription using sudo with -s.

     sudo -s 

    If some terminal windows are connected to the original reason account, it is important to navigate to the “/ etc /” directory to use the CD command.

     cd / etc 

    Remove the current read-only distributed change fstab file using some kind of rm command.

     rm fstab 

    Rebuild the fstab.bak file that each user created with the mv command at the beginning of this tutorial.

     mv fstab.bak fstab 

    Close the terminal window and edit your Linux computer. When you log in again, the read-only setting will be disabled as well.

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