Solving PST Errors

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    Here are some easy ways to help you fix pst error problem. PST files often contain emails that have never been properly archived. Lost due to conflicts such as access restrictions, they are not always placed in the proper storage, deletion, or consolidation systems, which can be a problem for businesses when emails are required for confirmation.


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  • Folder Repair ToolInbox does not connect to or scan data stored in an Exchange mailbox. The tool only checks for errors (corruptions) and, if found, gives you the option to allow the tool to fix user errors. If you are unable to start the Inbox Repair tool, consider repairing Outlook.

  • We recommend that you back up your old Outlook data file before running the Inbox Repair Tool. For more information, see Back up an Outlook data file directly.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click on "Scan"
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  • Summary: The guide summarizes the reasons for the distribution of an Outlook PST that cannot be opened. This guide will teach you different methods to fix errors in MS Outlook for Windows. Also learn how to extract data from a corrupted PST file and save it to a new working PST file for quick document import.

    pst error

    Microsoft Outlook stores some mailbox data in OST format, or possibly PST format. The PST (Personal Storage Table) file is created by default.and adding configuration and POP account to MS Outlook.

    Outlook synchronizes mailbox data such as email messages, attachments, contacts, calendar, ratings, and so on from the mail server and stores it in a PST record. The pst file format is also used to back up and archive Outlook Exchange, Office 365, and IMAP email. It is possible to open and open emails stored in the emergency PST file at any time through Outlook. However, sometimes the PST becomes inaccessible and therefore an error appears like Outlook PST is in use and cannot be opened.

    Application nameusername c:usersusernameappdatalocalmicrosoftuser.pst is located and cannot be used. Close all programs using this file and try again. You may need to restart your computer.

    Reason For “Unable To Open Outlook PST” Error

    How do I fix a PST error?

    Close Outlook andNavigate to some of the following file locations:Open SCANST.Select Browse to find a specific Outlook data file (.Select Start to start scanning.If the diagnostic scan finds any errors, select Repair to focus on the troubleshooting process.

    pst error

    While it may seem that this PST file is just being used by another application, sometimes this error cannot be resolved by exiting all utilities or restarting the computer. There may be several reasons thatCan cause this error, for example: B

  • Incorrect shutdown of Outlook allowing Outlook.exe to run in the background.
  • The PST directory is being backed up in the background
  • Insecure Outlook software or buggy add-in
  • Corrupted or corrupted PST file due to being too large, hard drive failure, system or Outlook impact (most common cause)
  • Sometimes anti-virus and anti-spyware remove files without headers, making these PST files inaccessible
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    Signs Of PST File Corruption

    Application crashes, frequent shutdowns, or crashes when starting Outlook are usually among the consequences of a corrupted PST file. Since there are many reasons that can in turn lead to PST files being corrupted, web users rarely have control over them. The most common cause is a particularly large or large PST file that is very prone to corruption due to fairness issues. Therefore, it is best to have a clear understanding of the distributionKnow the reasons why PST files get corrupted in the solutions to make sure you stay afloat if something goes wrong.

    Why can’t I open my PST file?

    Error Cause Outlook PST cannot be opened. Incorrect shutdown of Outlook that caused Outlook.exe to start in the past. Backup PST files running in background from human. Conflicting Outlook software or defective add-ons. The computer PST file is damaged or corrupted due to being too large, hard drive errors, Outlook circle or crash (most common reason)

    In short, corrupting the PST file results in an error that prevents you from accessing email in MS Outlook. Therefore, you need to quickly fix the error in order to regain access to your email.


    Fix Outlook PST Cannot Be Opened Error

    What is your PST?

    pst is stored on each of our drives: Documents and SettingsUsersLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook. Notes: The default location for some . pst is a hidden directory. To use Windows Explorer to access this folder, you must first enable Show Hidden Folders.

    Follow these methods here to fix these errors in Outlook PST files

    Method 1. Close all processes and programs

    According to the error, you should find and close all programs that can access the PST file, thereby preventing MS Outlook from accessing it. Follow all these steps to see if Outlook related processes are running in the background and stop them

    • Right-click the taskbar area and optionally select “Task Manager”.
    • Click on the Details section, then click on the Processes tab.