Troubleshooting And Resolving The Pontiac Vibe P2716 Error Code

This guide was created to help you if you are encountering the Pontiac Vibe p2716 error code.

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    OBD-II Error Code – Datasheet

    What Does This Mean?

    This is a common transmission trouble diagnosis (DTC) procedure and is typically applied to OBD-II vehicles with a wired transmission.

    This may include Toyota, Chevy, Chevrolet, Lexus, Nissan, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, Honda, Acura, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Audi and others. Although the exact general repair scale may vary depending on the year, purchase, transmission model and configuration.

    If OBD-II error code P2716 is set, the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected a problem with the transmission pressure control solenoid “D”. Most automatic microbial infections contain at least three solenoids, which are solenoids A and b C. The error codes associated with our “D” solenoid are P2714, p2713, P2715, P2716 and P2717. The set value is based on a special fault that alerts the PCM when the Check Engine light comes on.

    pontiac vibe error code p2716

    The purpose of the transmission pressure control solenoids is to control the fluid drive for optimal automatic transmission performance. PCM receives electronic signal which is supported yesphenomenon in the new magnet. The automatic transmission is controlled by belts and clutches that shift gears to maintain fluid pressure in the right place at the right time. Based on signals from interconnected devices that monitor the vehicle’s speed, the PCM controls the blocking solenoid valves to direct fluid at the appropriate pressure to the various gas circuits, which change the percentage of speed at the right time.

    Code P2716 is set by the PCM when the “D” pressure control solenoid valve is clearly having an electrical problem.

    How Serious Is This Error Code In General?

    The severity level in this code usually starts at its face value, but can quickly progress to a more serious level if it is never fixed in time.

    What Are Almost Always Some Of The Hallmarks Of A Code?

    • The vehicle goes into emergency mode.
    • The transmission slips when changing gears.
    • Transmission overheating.
    • Speed ​​attracts
    • Decline in the economyoffers
    • Symptoms that may look like misfiring.
    • The engine light comes on.

    What Are The Most Popular Code Points?

    • The pressure control solenoid valve is defective.
    • Dirty or liquid
    • Dirty or clogged transmission filter.
    • Gear pump defective.
    • Defective transmission valve body.
    • Limited hydraulic passages.
    • Corrosive or dangerous plug.
    • Faulty or damaged wiring.
    • Bad PCM

    What Are The Numerous Troubleshooting Steps For A P2716?

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  • Before proceeding to troubleshoot the problem, you must study the technical service bulletins (TSB) for the specific vehicle, indicating the year of manufacture, model and transmission. In some cases, this can save you money for a while by pointing out the perfect direction. You should also check someone else’s vehicle records to make sure the filter and flow have changed, if possible.

    Checking Fluids And Cables

    FirstAs a result, it is necessary to determine the level of the liquid and examine the current state of the contamination of the liquid. Before changing fluid, buyers should review the vehicle records to find out when the filter and fluid were last changed.

    The next step is a thorough visual inspection to check the condition of the wiring for obvious faults. Check connectors and connections for safety and contact corrosion. This shall include all electrical components and connections for the transmission of the pressure stage control solenoids, for the transmission of the pump and in addition to the PCM. Depending on the design, the gear pump can be electrically or mechanically driven.

    Complex Complex Stages Are Always Highly Specialized For The Car And Require Appropriate Additional Resources For Accurate Execution. These Procedures Require A DMM And An Accurate Technical Reference For The Trip. You Should Receive Troubleshooting Instructions Specific To Your Previous Vehicle In Order To Proceed Successfully Advanced Actions. Voltage May Vary Depending On The Specific General Vehicle Model. Fluid Pressure Requirements Are Also Completely Different Depending On Transmission Design And Training.

    Checking Continuity

    Unless otherwise stated in the general specifications, normal measured values ​​and cable connections should have a resistance of 1 ohm. Continuity checks should always be carried out with the current disconnected from the circuit to avoid short-circuiting the circuit and further damage. The absence of resistance or open circuit always indicates faulty wiring that is open or short-circuited and requires repair or replacement.

    What Usually Needs To Be Fixed For This Code?

    • Change fluid and filter.
    • Replace defective pressure control solenoid valve.
    • Repair or replace the defective gear pump.
    • Repair or replace defective spot valve body.
    • Rinse the carrier in a cool and clean area.
    • Elimination of corrosion of joints.
    • Neg Mount or replace cables.
    • Flash or replace PCM
    • Engine misfire problem.
    • Problem with translation
    • Internal transmission problem.
    • Transmission problem

    Hopefully this specific information in this article has no doubt helped you point the right direction for correcting rebound with a pressure control solenoid valve code. This article is for informational purposes only and is intended for specific technical data, therefore service messages for your vehicle will most likely always take priority.

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