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    If you have disabled mgcp-behavior-dynamic-change-codec-pt on your system, we hope this user guide can help you fix it.


    Yes, it seems to me that you will be able to support a bridge (based on an IOS gateway) that supports both codecs, and an assembly bridge when used in this chassis will do a lot of work on your end as a transcoder. Why is someone’s call not matched to the g729 for you (your users’ VPN is probably configured without the exact option to use the g711), there could be a number of things … your gateway shouldn’t be communicating with the G729?

    No. SMS or calls are sent from our ASA to the current IPC user through the Anyconnect client (2.5.1025).

    Transcoders are never used. (confirmed by one of our tickets)

    just hit “transfer” often, say I’m on line X, “transfer”.

    The job ends with a conference, I contact x on the line, then the conference, hangs up.

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  • Technically, with a good handover, the incoming call will probably be between the VGW and probably the operator (g711), then the second call will be made by the operator who will be the user (g729) ipc. then tracing is used to connect the pair, It is my understanding that, respectively, the VGW and the IPC user would ideally negotiate the call as G729.


    wrote on November 3, 2010 at 1:08 pm >:

    This looks like a codec issue for our company. Are the calls called at the end transferred from the gateway again? actually the same thing. Are there now also DSP transcoders for gateways and phones in addition to UCCX servers? Speaking of streaming, are you just using a phone or a specific CCX app?

    What is the difference between money transfer and conferencing in terms of call organization / call flow. Sorry if someone has already answered me.

    We are pleased that remote workers (IP communicators) continue to experience difficulties receiving calls from our operators.

    The call can be transferred, we will connect the call, but never unmute (it sounds like a codec problem to me, but it doesn’t crash … we need to update), but do the same on press the conference button then ask without call work.

    had 3 to 8 open cases to technical support, but the problem persists. less, much, but there is a problem.

    Call continuity is that a call is received via PRI / or CAS T1 on your 3845 from 15.0.1M3 to PSTN (TAC case, let’s add g729 options for mgcp behavior

    Get rid of the behavior mgcp static-pt dynamic-change-codec-pt which helped a lot but couldn’t solve the whole problem)

    goes to the UCCx agent (also known as operator), which switches to the IP Communicator (remote worker). The problem that we reassure is that sometimes (from 2 to 10 minutes a day) the call is simply forwarded to us, but there is no sound recording. But if instead they normalize them and then leave the company, it works.

    mgcp behavior dynamically-change-codec-pt disable

    The other TAC instances we have opened are for IP Communicator and are working to update all IPC users to version

    mgcp behavior dynamically-change-codec-pt disable

    What will (or not) a translation do than a conference call?

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