How To Hide A Program In The System Tray Of Windows 7 Easy Fix Solution

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    Here are some simple steps that can help you solve the problem of hidden programs in the Windows 7 system tray. A little to the right of the program, docked on the taskbar, a chapter appears, in which, if you hover over it with the mouse, “firefox.exe – Shortcut” will be displayed. You just created the best secret invisible icon in the Windows 7 taskbar. Drag this Marketplace section to the far left of this dedicated taskbar to the right of our own Start button.

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  • how to hide program from taskbar windows 7

    Especially on laptops, symbols tend to clutter up the taskbar in the notification area (the taskbar, next to the precise system clock) to the point that there is little room for working with taskbar buttons and pinned programs. In this essential guide, we will explain how to hide icons directly from the taskbar and follow But, if necessary, display hidden icons. This way, you can only display the matching while characters and still be able to display them even if needed.

    Hiding The System Tray Icon In Windows 7

    Follow these steps to hide the notification area in front of the taskbar icons:

  • Click the start button and often type “hide characters” in the search field
  • Windows 7 loads all of the most relevant results: click on the most important link Show or hide inactive icons on the taskbar, which appears under all control bar results:

    Configure show / hide all notification icons from Windows 7

  • The control panel becomes available, the computer screen “Select icons and notifications to display in the system tray” is automatically loaded, and a list of the most frequently associated programs and their icons that were displayed in the past (recent) in the notification area of ​​the taskbar are displayed.
  • Find the icon of the program you wantHide; It will have a great dropdown menu that offers different visibility options for icons and warnings:

    The choices in the drop-down menu are the same for all applications as well as for symbols, so the example we choose doesn’t matter. Each option is usually discussed below.

  • Show Icon & Notifications: This setting by default makes the global celebrity always visible in any of our notification areas / taskbars associated with the taskbar, even if they are not needed.
  • “Hide Symbol and Notifications” can make this program “disabled” and hide it. if you don’t click to expand hidden icons; This option is ideal when working with “talkative” programs, and taskbar logos are not absolutely necessary. Your computer software such as antivirus should not use this option, as it could cause important notifications to be sent through that particular system tray. For important programs, consider the current configuration:
  • NextThe last option, Send only notifications, is a trade-off: the icon for the software package or service remains hidden in the taskbar until the notification is complete. For the most part, my best of the two, because it cleans up your system tray without disabling potentially important notifications.
  • Let’s take another global setting for icons in the alert area: under the list of icons, notice the checkbox “Always show most icons and notifications on the redirect taskbar”: this checkbox takes precedence over all settings and layouts listed above. for all Symbols on the taskbar, only always.
    how to hide program from taskbar windows 7

    Also note the “Disable routine symbols” or link: All to show or hide system symbols (for example, show or hide clearly or show the clock to do this, hide the volume symbol on the taskbar).

    Finally, the “Restore Button Behavior to Default” link resets all symbols in the system tray (notification area) to their specific original settingsm, which depend on the program and function.

  • After specifying which customized icons to show and / or possibly hide, click OK to apply the new settings.
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  • Windows 7 will now only display the icons you want to see; all other icons remain hidden on the taskbar, whether they are notifications, completed or stationary, depending on the features you choose.

    Note. Another quick way to access the notification icon settings is to simply right-click the timer on the taskbar, as shown below:

    The icons hidden directly in the system tray notification area are nothing more than: hidden – but they currently exist and are tacitly located in a part of the system tray. You can always reach them with one click, as implemented:

  • To show hidden icons in the taskbar, click the up arrow that is displayed by default to display the system clock as shown in the screenshot: (note the prompt “Show Vizio Player Icons”)

  • Clicking with this mouse displays a sort of menu with all the icons currently hidden in the notification area (system tray), of which the only taskbar is located; click or right-click any of the icons for quick access to their functions, as if they were displayed in the main system tray itself.
  • Also notice the Customize … website that appears in the Show Hidden Icons menu at the bottom. Clicking on this important fact will take you directly to the Control Panel section, where Windows 7 controls all the values ​​of the notification area of ​​the taskbar – in other words, the projector screen “Choose which notification icons appear on the taskbar” with which we started education!
  • This concludes our Windows 7 tutorial on showing and hiding icons on the taskbar. You now know how to restore symbol settings, show or hide individual symbols, how to override certain options and show all symbols at any time, and finally, how to access alternatives for displayinghiding / hiding system symbols.

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