How Do You Deal With Hard Drive Errors When Windows Starts Up?

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    In this guide, we’ll describe some of the possible causes that can cause your hard drive to fail when Windows starts up, and then we’ll show you ways you can try to fix the problem. Simply put, a hard drive failure can be caused by several reasons, such as wrong trainer order, BIOS issue, IDE cable stuck, MBR misconfiguration, poor motivation, etc. If you come across such a native version, no matter how often you restart your computer by pressing the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” keys, this error currently exists.


    We have 4 fixes available online to help you fix Windows hard drive boot error and recover lost data with reliable file recovery software. Follow these steps to fix this critical error and get your computer back to work:

    Information About Hard Disk Startup Errors

    How do I fix my computer a disk read error occurred?

    Boot from the installation media.Click Repair Current Computer or press R.Click Troubleshoot.Click more options.Click Command Prompt.Enter the commands, but press Enter after each one: bootrec / reconstructbcd bootrec / fixmbr bootrec / fixboot.

    Hard Disk Boot Error, or, more accurately, “DISK BOOT FAILED – INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER” is an error that means Windows cannot boot properly. The main error message indicates that you are prompted to insert the system disk. This means the hard drive fails because the BIOS cannot find a suitable one a bootable disk to start the main computer during the boot process.

    Error Explanation

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  • The computer startup process usually consists of the following steps:

    • Activate
    • Power-on Self Test (POST)
    • Find your boot device
    • Boot a regular system.
    • Transfer control to the system using

    These steps always go unnoticed and just as quickly. However, if there is a Key Fact issue during this process, you will run into startup errors. For example, if the BIOS fails, you can boot the operating system. You feel like you are stuck on the Windows file loading screen. If the BIOS cannot find the boot device, your company will see the error message mentioned above.

    Reasons Related To Windows Hard Disk Startup Error

    Booting from CD / DVD appears to fail when no boot device is literally found. Why is BIOS still unable to find your boot memory? There are three types of options:

    • Incorrect boot order in BIOS: tool for which you have not installedto the operating system is ranked first in the boot order.
    • Corrupted business system: The operating system is corrupted and cannot be recognized by BOIS.
    • Damaged Disk: The system hard disk may be unreadable, damaged, or undetectable.
    • Incorrect configuration of the new hard disk: The new hardware is not configured correctly.

    A hard disk boot problem is a concern. In fact, if you can’t find a way to fix the hard drive boot error, it will surely lead to other terrible problems like broken black or blue screen, random computer crash, system crash and many more. Therefore, you must make corrections as quickly as possible to eliminate any uncertainty.

    4 To Troubleshoot Hard Drive Startup Errors In Windows

    How do you fix a hard disk error?

    To fix errors when the volume is not being checked for errors, select the Automatically fix PC file errors check box and click Start. To fix errors, find incorrect critical information and restore readable information, select the checkbox type “Check for bad sectors and pop Try to restore “, and then click” Start “.

    Based on the possible points of failure at startup, your company can directly follow the solutions below to resolve the failure.

    Human Method. Change BIOS Boot Order

    If another device, such as a USB deviceSince it has a higher priority than your system’s hard drive, and you have a USB operating system connected to your computer, users can simply remove the device from external memory and load the BIOS into their system drive. If not, change the boot order in BIOS to Make System Disk as the first option. (System drive not configured in BIOS? Skip to Routine 3 for solutions.)

    Step 2. Press and hold F2 (Del, F8, F10 or your f12) during system boot to enter BIOS.

    Step 4. Reorder the most important position of the hard drive as the first option.

    Method 2. Recover Damaged Operating System

    Does the boot disk error persist when the boot order is properly configured? Hence, it is possible that a working working system may be damaged or the system disk may be damaged. Since these modes of system operation are much easier to fix than repairing a hard drive, let’s first take a look at how to fix the operating system. (To use this metIf you need Windows 10 application support. If your household doesn’t have a bootable CD / DVD or USB stick, learn how to use ISO to USB to create bootable media first.)

    disk error on windows startup

    Step 3. Under the opening select “Repair your computer”> “Troubleshoot”, after which you will see additional options.

    disk error on windows startup

    Step 4. In these options, first select “Startup Repair”. (You will see the message “Startup Repair cannot automatically fix this computer.” For fixes, see the related articles. If) the software does not work, try System Restore.

    Method 3: Run Chkdsk To Repair The Damaged System Drive

    If the problem with the bootable CD or DVD occurs in the operating system or the system CD is damaged, you can run our own chkdsk command to fix the problem. The chkdsk utility can determine if there is a problem with your computer’s hard drive.

    Step 2. After choosing the correct language, time and keyboard input, click on “Restore To have a computer “.

    Step 3. Select this Windows installation disk (still C: ) and click Next.

    Step 4. When the System Recovery Options window appears, select Command Prompt.

    Replace “C:” with the specific letter of the driver on which Windows is installed.

    Method 4. Remove Recently Installed Hardware

    If the problem occurs because the new hard drive is not usually configured correctly, try the following steps to resolve the problem.

    Step 1. Remove the recently added hardware restart and laptop or computer to check if the error occurs now.

    Step 2. Check the cables leading to the hard drive where Windows is installed.

    These are all solutions that go back to the main hard drive boot problem for all the typical reasons. I hope at least one of them will be useful to you! If the memory startup failure persists after the virtual fix, consider reinstalling the operating system or sending your computer for manual repair.

    Bonus Tip: Play Full From Web Data To Fix Boot Disk Error

    How do I fix a disk error in Windows 10?

    How can I fix my bad need for Windows 10? Open Disk Management, select the disk you want to check and repair, then right-click it and select Properties. On the Tools tab, click Check. Then your drive will be constantly scanned for errors and Windows 10 will be automatically repaired.

    After repair, the data on the hard disk may be damaged. If you lose important files, you can use proven data recovery products – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – to recover them, EaseUS

    Run the Data Recovery Wizard, navigate to the location where you lost your data, then click “Scan”.

    Wait for each scan to complete. You can use a filter or search bar to say goodbye to files.

    Then choose a place to collapse the recovered data and bite OK. You have to save the data somewhere else and not in the real place.

    End Result

    Hard disk failure is mainly caused by incorrect boot order. This is the simplest disease of the three possible. Such statements by startups constantly cause fear in the mind of the user, and they haunt him. Fortunately, depending on how you handle the situation, you can significantly ease those emotions and solve the problem within yourself.

    Realistic solutions Step by step troubleshooting
    Fix 1. Change the boot order Enter BIOS> Go to “boot”> Identify the system drive which is in the first> Option Save Changes … Follow Steps
    Fix 2: Recover your operating system Start in person with the installation disc> In the installer, click “Network” in Windows> “Restore your entire computer” … Follow the steps
    Hotfix 3. Hotfix Chkdsk Run CHKDSK to check the system hard drive> Repair the unrecognized system hard drive … Follow the steps
    Fix 4: Remove Installed Hardware Remove recently added hardware> Check HDD connections … Follow steps
    Additional advice. Recover data If data is lost on the problem hard drive, run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard> Analyze and Recover … Full Steps

    EaseUS sometimes provides 1-to-1 remote download assistance. If I say that uthe above solution has not worked yet, contact our specialists with the help

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    . To ensure the proper functioning of our extended support, you are advised to connect a non-bootable system drive so that you have a working computer when connected to us.

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