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    Sometimes your system can generate an error indicating asus eeepc is entering BIOS. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons. Turn on the Asus netbook.Wait for the Asus Eee PC BIOS screen to appear, then press the F2 key.Press the cursor right key to access various BIOS setup menus.

    How do I boot into BIOS Asus?

    Turn on your computer, or select Start, point to Shut Down, and click Restart.Click “Delete” when some ASUS logo appears on the video pane to enter BIOS.

    Updated February 10, 2017

    Like most computers, the Asus Eee has a BIOS utility that monitors the netbook’s hardware usage and performs tasks regardless of operating system. Common tasks you can do in BIOS include overridingsystem time, changing the order of the device’s sneakers, disabling some boot options, and easily configuring security features. Since this use is outside of Control Panel, it is available even in the event of a system crash and you will not be able to access Windows for a long time.

    Save any job everyone has open, then set up your Eee PC.

    Press “F2” several times, because first you will see the Asus icon. When Windows starts to boot, you have an expired time-limited BIOS entry window. So wait for Windows to finish and try again. Do not force the netbook off while Windows is starting up. If you are having trouble entering BIOS, press F2 quickly but several times throughout the boot process to make sure you are doing everything correctly. You can press the exit key while the Internet BIOS is loading.

    Press the arrow keys to navigate the BIOS. The left and right arrow keys move between window screens, and the up and right arrow keys move between items. ThTo select the entry for editing, press “Enter”.

    Press “F10” to save changes and exit BIOS. Press Esc to exit without saving.


    How do I get into BIOS on Windows 10 Asus?

    With the computer not already turned on, press and hold the [F2] key in the keyboard software, and then press the [Power] key (do not release the F2 key until BIOS setup appears).

    If you need help with the BIOS, press F1 to open the general help system.

    A likely challenge is to disable Boot Feature Booster, which should often reduce boot times. This feature should be disabled before modifying the PC components and attempting to restore the system. Go to the Boot tab, highlight Boot Booster, then press Enter to enable or disable the power function.

    Quick and Easy PC Repair

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click on "Scan"
  • 3. Click on "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • Another known task is to modify the boot transaction so that you can boot from a USB stick or external DVD. While you can change the boot order while on vacation by pressing Esc while the device boots, you can permanently change the boot preferences using the Boot Device Priority feature located in the boot. BIOS Boot tab.

    View Full: [RESOLVED] How do I get to the boot menu screen of the ASUS Eee PC 1015 netbook? (for installing Ubuntu)

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    I just bought an ASUS Eee PC 1015 netbook. Here are my technical details:

    Refurbished ASUS Eee PC 1015PEB-BK603 Netbook – Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz, 1GB DDR2, 160GB, 6 Cells, HDD, 10.1 Inch SVGA, 7 Windows Starter, Black.

    I got Ubuntu 11.10 and created a bootable USB stick with unetbootin.

    I think by pressing F12 or F1 while booting, I should get a huge boot menu. But when I press the power button very quickly, a screen called “ASUS Express Gate Cloud” also opens.

    Hopefully at the end I can access the sneaker menu, boot from the USB stick, and let Ubuntu set up a dual boot with Winoows 7 Starter and Ubuntu 11.10.

    I don’t have an Asus to test, but does it go into the BIOS when you hit Delete while saving? If that doesn’t work, suggest looking for the product PDF on your current Asus website if no one on the internet knows the answer right away.

    I just tried the DEL key – it doesn’t always offer both BIOS and Boot menus. The same sensor comes in ASUS Cloud Express screen.

    All Asus laptops I have used open the boot device by pressing the Esc key.

    In every Asus laptop I have used, the boot disk was opened using the Esc key menu. Tried

    usually only the Esc key – it’s not on the desktop either.

    This Express Screen Cloud is literally erased the moment you press that dedicated power button, like a mini-connected operating system that allows you to log in without booting into the main operating system and start your computer with it. Winders 7 starts up.

    I tried googling the correct key and according to every website I found our keys on the Eee PC 1015 should be F2 for BIOS and Esc as the boot device selection>
    Maybe you can try and hold down the button on the back of the device? Or the traditional cheat – pressing the button over and over again when turning on a new power supply?

    I tried holding both ESC and F2 and pressing, but none of them worked. Then I thought that there is a possibility that these functions will work fine AFTER the appearance of the program There is Express Cloud if you decide to migrate from there to the operating system. So, I tried pressing ESC there, thinking the screen should look like a new DOS screen, but as soon as I release the one associated with the ESC key, it desirably boots into Win 7 Starter.

    Tried to find the manual on the ASUS blog, luckily I looked through the website including the support types section and couldn’t find where the manuals are … Es

    How can I enter BIOS if F2 key is not working?

    Go to Advanced> Startup> Startup Configuration.In the Boot Display Config area: Activate the keyboard shortcuts for the displayed POST function. Activate display F2 to call up the setting.Press F10 to save and exit BIOS.


    Leave the boots and boots in the win7 starter.

    The Cloud Voice operating system on / off button must remain on the desktop. Select Disable. Then the main ESC should give you a boot method screen on next boot.

    (Express Cloud OS is another Linux operating system, but it is not suitable for anything other than surfing)

    I installed Develop 11.10 as a dual boot with win7 my on an EeePC 1011PX so everything works fine.

    Instructions can be found here:



    Roger, this is good. Thanks! I can’t figure out the situation right now, but it looks like you’ve probably given a solution.

    And if inWe were generally born in France, English is wonderful. 🙂

    Hello again

    Hope the on / off widget is still there. I noticed that on boot, I bought a few ESC buttons for the F2 boot option (and for BIOS support). My Eeepc had a mostly empty d: partition and the one I used to uninstall according to Ubuntu. I left the Asus Cloud section and now suffer from only 3 choices (but Win7 and Ocelot in every Grub launch option) My English is considered correct since I moved to France 10 years ago!

    I see … sounds great. If you say “only Win7 in addition to Ocelot, sneaker option in grub”, is it because the operating system automatically starts as “pre-OS”, suitable for Win7 if you prefer Win7 to grub?

    Yes, you seem to be from somewhere else, probably from England. No one in France writes that in English …: p

    added: I’ve done a little research on desktops and can’t find a way to bypass the cloud there. I also searched for possible options in several places in the operating system that I could think of, but did not find them. If at your workThere is such a special option on this table, then if it is not on this desktop, the level should be available in a certain place, right? If you are familiar with Win7, you may know where to look for it. It looks like it’s a must if I want you to get the launch menu.

    Hello, interesting topic.
    I have been trying to install ie8 on the same netbook for hours with no success. Also the main problem for our family is that in the BIOS I cannot access it to change most of the boot order (I also tried all the keys you suggested). to be honest, I managed to log into the device once and change the specific boot order to “ other devices ” if I remember correctly, but just can’t get it from stick to trainers, USB where your current Ubuntu ISO is located.

    The problem is also that maybe I didn’t find any windows and I don’t need IT anyway.

    suggestions ?


    I left mine lying around and it works great! To enter the BIOS, just press the F2 key at the beginning, combined with this socket, if you enter it directly. I also noticed that if you leave the BIOS and exit, then when you press the “ESC” key, the product opens the “Start” menu. And the specified flash drive is available. When I selected it, it fit perfectly from 10/11.

    Here is (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1864795) an added thread that I opened in the Via thread for more information.

    And Perfect (http://askubuntu.com/questions/18763/install-10-10-netbook-edition-on-eee-pc-1015-using-a-usb-hdd) is a helpful link to someone else’s experience. even with installing Ubuntu on the same netbook.

    Good luck !

    asus eeepc enter bios

    I know this is that branch, old, and it says it’s resolved, but I didn’t see anyone mention this before you could name the starter recipe with confidence with the ESC key, most (if not all)) ASUS EeePC has a handy feature that speeds up the boot process, called Boot Booster, and your site should definitely disable it in BIOS (press F2 first). Once you know this, you should be able to use some kind of ESC key to open the boot menu that appears.

    I hope this helps you.

    asus eeepc enter bios

    I just created a DEL key which probably brings up the BIOS / Boot menu sometimes. The same ASUS Cloud Express cinema screen is coming.

    Insert the floppy disk and make changes to the computer, then always press Enter: p: p: p

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