Does Windows 8 have built-in antivirus?

If your computer is aiming for Windows 8, you already have antivirus software. Windows 8 includes Windows Defender, which protects you from original software, spyware, and other malware.

Microsoft® Windows® Defender ships with running Windows® 8 and 8.1 systems, but many computers have this trial or full version installed in combination with other suitable third-party antivirus software that disables Windows Defender. If users prefer to use Windows Defender to protect their computer, they can remove any installed Have antivirus software, then follow these steps to enable Windows Defender.

  1. Press the significant Windows logo + X combination on your keyboard and select Control Panel from the list.

    Does Microsoft have an antivirus?

    Windows security is considered built into Windows and includes Microsoft Defender Antivirus. If you have installed and activated another computer application, Microsoft Defender Antivirus will be automatically deactivated.

    NOTES. Since Control Panel is a legacy Windows desktop application, the UI will forever change to the desktop if you weren’t there originally. The control panel window will open frequently.

  2. Click in the System Security Control Panel window and
  3. Click Action Center in the Home System and Security window.
  4. In Action Center, under Security, simply click the Show Anti-Spyware or Show Antivirus Options button.

    NOTE. The following actions depend on which button someone clicked:

After activating it through Windows Defender, it will open automatically. It is highly recommended that you update your virus and spyware definitions correctly.

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